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Another part of my antenna experimenting equipment. A simple ugly choke for HF made with 30 turns of RG213 coax around a 4″ plastic pipe.


I needed a 1:1 balun to use with my home brew doublet but I needed it to go between the ladder line and the SGC-230 tuner so it needs to have stud terminals on both the input and the output. I took a look around and decided that making one was the best option.

It’s made using 11 turns of figure 8 twin lead on two stacked FT240-43 cores. See the pictures below…

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QRO 1:1 Choke

I’ve been meaning to build a good 1:1 choke or line isolator for a while now and the parts have been sitting on the shelf for over a year. Well today I finally got around to it.

I chose to build something that would handle the full UK power limit (400W) with no problem and used G3TXQ’s excellent chart to select the best combination of core and windings.

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I like to take part in the 2M UKAC run by the RSGB when I can so I made a simple, lightweight 5 element yagi that I can put on my 10M mast and use portable.

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Had a great time at the Manston Spitfire and Hurricane Museum today setting up and running a special event station for museum on the air weekend.

We had 2 stations set up, one on 40M and a second on 20M using the excellent 5B4AGN bandpass filters that I made to stop the stations from interfering with each other.

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