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Running OpenSSL on anything?

You need to upgrade to version 1.0.1g or patch your existing install right now!

I run a bunch of Debian based system so I upgraded them all to version 1.0.1g (1.0.1e is the default available from the Debian repos but I don’t know if it has been patched so I just opted to upgrade manually to 1.0.1g).

See the security advisory here –

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Now that I’ve reassigned the Yaesu FT-857 to a portable manpack, I have a big hole in the “Shack in a box”.

I found a nice ICOM IC-7200 for a good price and have started work on installing it for use as a (heavyweight) portable HF voice and data station. More to come soon but here is a small taster of what’s ahead…

Shack in a Box

Just a quick post about the stock microphone on the Icom IC-7200. If you have a “made in China” version of the HM-36 then you can make your audio a lot better.

Forget messing around with the mods listed over the internet and jump right in with a kit from AB5N. His microphone element along with the associated modifications will transform your HM-36 into a great sounding microphone.

I tried 4 different modifications and the AB5N came out on top. Highly recommended.

Just a quick post to say thanks to everyone who managed to work me this afternoon/evening.

I had a great time working /P from the New Forest with the 857 man pack and a 40M dipole strung up between 2 tall trees. I was using 25W on 40M and managed to work plenty of inter-G stations with Swansea, Newcastle, Chelmsford, Aberdeen, Bristol and Portland all appearing in the log amongst many others.

Getting the antenna out of the trees in the dark was fun but not as much fun as getting it up! I think I need to sort out my antenna catapult and save my throwing arm.

My poor FT-857 has had a rough life. It’s been used portable and usually ends up being thrown in a bag with the ATU, battery and other parts. I decided it was time to show it some respect and create a military inspired manpack to keep it safe and secure.

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