Breaking it down

So lets get project HABAT off to a start.

Like any good project, I need to break this one down into bite sized chunks. Here is what I have come up with:

Aim: To create a automated platform capable of receiving the balloons GPS coordinates, performing the necessary calculations to determine the balloons position relative to itself and then actuating a pan and tilt platform to aim a high gain yagi antenna at the balloon.

Sounds simple huh?

So what do I need to?

  1. Create a dummy tracking device to feed data into dl-fldigi. This will mean I can test HABAT when no balloons are flying.
  2. Work out how to get the decoded data out of dl-fldigi and fed into HABAT.
  3. Make HABAT location aware. HABAT will need to know where it is so that it can work out the position of the balloon relative to it.
  4. Build pan and tilt platform. The platform needs to be heavy duty as it will have a 19 element yagi antenna attached to it.
    Work out how to move the pan and tilt platform the correct amount. The pan and tilt platform will need to provide position feedback to HABAT.

I’m sure I have missed a whole ton of bits out but that is my starting thoughts. Wish me luck!

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