Olivia 32/1000

I like the digital modes and have been hooked on BPSK for a few months now but started getting a little bored of the same quick exchange format (3 button mode as it was described to me!) so I thought I would try my hand as something new.

After searching around the bands and listening to a few signals I decided to have a go with Olivia. It seemed like a very chatty, casual mode with good DX prospects and excellent weak signal performance.

This morning I fired up DM780 and put out a few CQ calls on 20M (14.106Mhz). No one came back so I sat a waited for a while. Soon there was a CQ from OH2HN which I answered and a we had a great QSO. Because it is a slow mode, typing is very laid back and easy. and a good conversation developed.

So there we have it. My first Olivia QSO on 10W from Kent to Helsinki. Give the mode a go if you have not tried it, you may just like it!

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