Simple APRS Transmitter

I started to work on a simple APRS transmitter today so that I could use it as a antenna test bed for Project Swift.

It was very simple to build using only an Arduino Uno, a Venus GPS receiver a Radiometrix HX1 module (on 144.800Mhz) and an SMA PCB socket.

The completed board looks like this…

After playing around all day with the APRS message format, I managed to get it working and updating to via my own igate.

Next up will be a test with it installed in the car.

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  1. Hi JB.

    I have 2 versions of the code. Both are built on the original “Trackduino” project.

    The first version is a simple timed beacon with a fixed interval between transmissions. I have cleaned the code up a bit and removed non essential and balloon related parts to slim it down a bit. I will post that code up a bit later today.

    The second version takes the cleaned up code and implements an intelligent beacon feature where the transmission interval decreases in relation to speed. I ma still working on this version and will create a new post explaining how it works with the code when it is done.



  2. Hi. What sort of range have you been able to get out of this in the car?


  3. Hi Chris,

    The range from the car was very poor. It was ok if you have direct, clear LOS to a igate but otherwise about 1 mile is all I managed.

    I am thinking about building a small amp to run with it and see if it improves things.


  4. Hi!
    I’m looking for an easy APRS sender, which i can connect to my Arduino Uno. Then I found your blogpost, and I found it very interessting. Is it possible to have some more information about the code and the layout of your connections?

    Best regards.

  5. Hi Marius,

    I will get a few more images and post the current code for you at the weekend.

    Glad you found the post useful.


  6. Hi Matt!
    I’m looking for an cheap APRS sender, to use with an Arduino Uno. Could you send me the circuit and source code?

    I’m newbie in soldering circuits, if you tell me how to solder, I would be grateful.

    Thanks in advance

  7. Hi Diana,

    I am a bit busy with work at the moment but I will see what I can find for you.

  8. Hi Matt,

    How’s this project going? This is exactly what I need for my project. Something dead simple, and that can easily integrate in with other parts of the system. This is perfect.

    Can you post the code? Or push to GitHub?

    Really hope to hear from you soon!

    Best of luck.

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