FT-857 / H250 Handset switch and adaptor box

A few people have asked me about the H250 adaptor box that I built to use on my FT-857 manpack. It allows the operator to switch between using the standard Yaesu fist microphone or an Ex MOD H250 handset.

I don’t have any build notes but here are a few images that may help anyone who wants to build one.

3 Replies to “FT-857 / H250 Handset switch and adaptor box”

  1. greatly appriciated matt!!! but can you list me the items needed for the handset switch adapter box?

  2. nice little adaptor!! can u list me the items needed? thanks

  3. Hi Nuruddin.

    I don’t have any notes and just put it together from parts from the junk box. From memory, you need an RJ45 jack, a connector to suit the handset you are using, 4PDT switch, and RJ45 crimp, some CAT5 cable and a headphone jack to suit your radio.

    I hope that helps.


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