TM-V71 fan upgrade

This is a simple modification that takes around 5 minutes but makes a big improvement to the already great TM-V71. The fan on this radio is very loud and runs at full speed from the moment you press the PTT then stays on for a few minutes after you release the PTT. This isn’t a problem in a mobile setting where there is usually more background noise but it is very loud when using the TM-V71 in a quiet home shack.

Just a few basic tools are needed along with two small pieces of heat shrink and a good upgraded fan. I use the Noctua NF-A4x10 which is on the more expensive side of the fan world but it’s well worth every penny.

Just remove the top of the radio, remove the existing fan, cut off the connector and solder onto the red and black leads from the new fan. Put it back together and enjoy the silence!

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  1. I just did this mod to my new TM-V71 and it works great, much quieter now. Thanks!

  2. Matt,

    Thanks for pointing out the Noctua fan. I have 2 TM-V71As (base and mobile). The newer one developed a bearing-like noise just after the one-year warranty expired and it became even noisier, but Kenwood replaced it under warranty.

    Their fans are noisy regardless and I am considering your mod, but I am curious as to the CFM of the original vs Noctua fans. I don’t know the CFM of the original, but the Noctua runs around 4.83CFM (8.2m³/h). I suspect much of the noise difference may be due to design, but possibly some because of differing amounts of air moved. Did you happen to check that out?

  3. The original Kenwood one I removed was rated at 4.68CFM according to the label. I find the Noctua much better and far less noise! They are not the cheapest but well worth it in my opinion.

  4. Thanks Matt. Given that the Noctua fan moves slightly more air and produces less noise, I have ordered 3 of them, 1 for each of my 2 TM-V71s, and one to improve the final cooling on a uBITX I will be ‘assembling this coming fall (too busy with friend and family visiting during the summer).

  5. Hello Matt, I have purchased one of the last TM-V71 produced, with the original Nidec fan. I would like to install a Noctua. Seeing their site I noticed they have two 12v. models, the
    NF-A4x10 PWM :
    and the
    NF-A4x10 FLX :
    Wich one do you think it’s the most appropriate?
    And, should I install the Low-Noise Adaptor (L.N.A.)?
    Thanks, Helder Maia, CT1EXJ

  6. No problem. It would be good if you can post back with your opinion of them. I have just changed the fan on another TM-D710 and a TM-D700. Both work great!

  7. Hi Matt!

    Have just completed your advice and there was a much lower noise level after modification. Thanks a lot!

    Erling LA5RIA

  8. Hi Matt,

    Purcased Noctura FLX fan from Company “Computer Xtreme” in Germany via eBay.

    I just did the fan modification, very big improvement! Many thanks for your advice!

    Erling LA5RIA

  9. Hi, Matt. I recently acquired a TM-D700A that has some occasional and minor bearing noise. The current fan runs quiet 98% of the time, but I wanted to just fix it before burying the radio under the seat of my truck. I was looking for some guidance on the process and what fan to use when I came across this page. Good info! I was also going to ask if this fan mod would work on the TM-D700A, but saw your note that you’ve already done it. Just wanted to thank you for posting this write-up.

  10. It was. Very. The new fan has been installed for awhile now. It was so quiet that at first I had to turn the radio around to see if it was actually spinning. It is as near to silent as a fan can be, but still moves sufficient air. This is the fan Kenwood should have used form the start.

  11. Great, I’ve tested many fans and the Noctua and top notch. I run them on pretty much all of my radios now. One of the first mods I do when they are out of warranty! I’m looking at fitting one to a Elecraft KPA500 amplifier next.

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