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Below is a collection of links/media related to Isabella contacting the ISS via radio.

Isabella using Amatuer Radio to cantact the International Space Station.

Isabella was using the callsign “M0LMK” and calling the International Space Station “NA1SS”. Astronaut Kjell Lindgren responded and they exchanged a brief signal report “you’re 5 and 9” before saying goodbye “73”.

I tweeted about the contact:

Original Twitter post:
Internet Archive :

Kjell also tweeted:

Original Twitter post:
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The local online newspaper picked it up and ran a nice story

Original page:
Internet Archive:

The BBC sent Josie Hannet to produce a short piece for the BBC South East News:

Which also went out on BBC Breakfast News and BBC World News!

The BBC also posted an edited version of the story on their Instagram account:

The following a an archive of other news and media links to the story:

ISS Instagram:

NPR Online:

NPR Radio:

People Magazine:

Have You Been Paying Attention

Isabella was invited to take part in the Australian TV program “Have You Been Paying Attention?”. The show makes a $500 donation to a charity chosen by the participant so Isabella chose Izzy’s Koala World.