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Like many others, the bulb in my G-400RC control unit died. Rather than replace it with a new bulb, I opted to do a simple LED upgrade.

It’s an easy mod to do using a couple of LEDs, a resistor and a diode.
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I like to play with digital modes and whilst the TS-590SG is a very solid performer, it does have a nice TCXO available as an upgrade. The “real deal” from Kenwood comes in at a hefty £103 excluding postage so I opted to test out one of the Chinese TCXO available on Ebay for under £20 delivered.

Installing is very simple. Just take the case off, remove the existing empty PCB (the upgrade from Kenwood is just the actual TCXO which you have to solder to the PCB already in place), put the new TCXO board in the move the jumper to the correct setting.
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Here’s a few pictures of how I added a simple 6 way socket to the back of a G-400RG rotator controller.

It’s an easy mod to do and makes it so much easier to connect up the controller.
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TX audio chain

It started as a simple project to construct a switch box so I could use a single microphone with multiple radios in my home shack. It’s ended (although i’m not sure it will ever end!) with more knobs, buttons, switches and flashing lights that the flight deck of a Dreamliner.

I’m still experimenting and will be posting a walk through soon so stay tuned but for now, here’s a little picture…

M0LMK Audio Chain

Some images taken whilst refurbing a Yaesu G-400 rotator. Just putting this here for my own reference but could be handy for others…

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