TM-V71 fan upgrade

This is a simple modification that takes around 5 minutes but makes a big improvement to the already great TM-V71. The fan on this radio is very loud and runs at full speed from the moment you press the PTT then stays on for a few minutes after you release the PTT. This isn’t a problem in a mobile setting where there is usually more background noise but it is very loud when using the TM-V71 in a quiet home shack.

Just a few basic tools are needed along with two small pieces of heat shrink and a good upgraded fan. I use the Noctua NF-A4x10 which is on the more expensive side of the fan world but it’s well worth every penny.

Just remove the top of the radio, remove the existing fan, cut off the connector and solder onto the red and black leads from the new fan. Put it back together and enjoy the silence!

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  1. I just did this mod to my new TM-V71 and it works great, much quieter now. Thanks!

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