VHF Design QRO LNA Case

I’m designing a simple weatherproof case for the VHF Design range of QRO LNA devices. More details to come but here’s a taster. This was a rough, fast test print to check for fit.

The design is available on thangs.com (https://thangs.com/mythangs/file/30489) for free so anyone with access to a 3D printer can make one. I may also have some available on my own store in the future.

Once completed, I’ll produce another design to fit the smaller, 100W rated VOX LNA also from VHF Design. Watch this space!

2 Replies to “VHF Design QRO LNA Case”

  1. Hello Matt,
    Cases with mounting lips seem a good project for 3D printing.
    I normally buy the type with ‘o’ ring groove for good water proofing.
    There are lots of home brew bits here and some commercial items that need additional protection from the elements!

  2. Hi Nigel. This design should allow for a small rubber sealing strip to be inserted into the grove on the lid. I have some 2mm strip here which I hope to try with it.

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