New store!

I’ve decided to move my store from this website over to it’s own dedicated site. The ecommerce software is much better and very fast. I’ve always sold my products under the “LMK Technical Services” brand which is my sole trading name and moving them to a dedicated site makes this much more transparent.

The new store is located at and will be available very soon.

New 3D Printed Products

I’ve had a 3D printer for some time now and I’ve been experimenting with various settings, filaments and prints. I’ve got to a point where I’m happy with the results and am pleased to announce a new product line of 3D printed items for the Amateur Radio and Shortwave Listener hobby. The first of my new products are these 3D printed feed points for dipoles and verticals to be used with push up “fishing pole” style masts.

The dipole feed points are available in either SO239 or BNC size and have a reinforced hole that slides over the top of a telescopic pole. No more messing about with tape or cable ties! The vertical feed points, also available in either SO239 or BNC have a slot through the mast bracket which allows a 10mm Hook and Loop tie to pass through and allow quick and easy attachment to the bottom of the pole.

Perfect for a homebrew dipole, linked dipole or vertical and available without socket and hardware or with socket and marine grade stainless steel hardware. Check them out on my shop!

OpenSSL Heartbleed Vulnerability

Running OpenSSL on anything?

You need to upgrade to version 1.0.1g or patch your existing install right now!

I run a bunch of Debian based system so I upgraded them all to version 1.0.1g (1.0.1e is the default available from the Debian repos but I don’t know if it has been patched so I just opted to upgrade manually to 1.0.1g).

See the security advisory here –

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EasyPal Images

I’ve just added a new page to the website that shows all of the EasyPal images that I have received.

At the moment, it EasyPal is only running whilst I am at my desk and remember to turn it on but I hope to have it up and running 24/7 using an SDR soon…

Normal service has been resumed

It’s been a while since I last posted but a lot has happened.

I’ve now moved home and given up working for a living. Well, I’ve given up working for someone else and am now self employed. I now help run the family business, a small guest house by the sea, and have taken over from my parents who wish to slow down and relax a little.

Unfortunately the chickens have gone due to lack of garden space but they went to a good home (my old neighbour).

Those who are observant will also notice that the domain name has changed. Please update your bookmark if you have one.

Stay tuned for more strange projects, radio stuff and general deranged musings…