So the weather station has been up and running for a while now but something has been bothering me. About twice per hour I get a “lost sensor contact” message from the software. Occasionally, it looses contact for a few hours at a time before it comes back.

I think it is because the sensors are around 50′ away through 3 brick walls and the fact that the receiver is located in my shack which can be a noisy RF environment at times.

The solution? A external antenna hack…

The unit in question, a WH-1081 weather station.

An SMA fly lead. I will cut the plug end off.

The back removed.

Original antenna and receiver board.

Hole for SMA socket

SMA socket installed and connected to the receiver board. I connected the ground of the coax to the battery ground.

All put back together.

The finished result.

I put a spare 60cm long 434Mhz antenna on the top to test and so far, after 3 hours, it has not lost sensor contact once.

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