I was itching to get on the air with my new FT-857 so I made up a quick and dirty set of simple interface leads.

The FT-857 has a data port on the back and a digital mode that is selectable from the menu system. It also has a data port VOX function so any audio being presented on the data port will activate the TX.

You need a 6 pin mini din plug and 3 x 3.5mm mono jacks.

Make up 2 leads. 1 with a 3.5mm mono jack on each end and one with a 3.5mm on one end and the 6 pin mini din plug on the other end.

The 6 pin mini din is wired ground to pin 2 and tip to pin 1. This is a view with the plug face down on the bench, ready to solder.

Put the 6 pin mini din in the data port on the FT-857 and the 3.5mm on the other end into the line out jack on the PC.

The 3.5mm – 3.5mm lead goes into the speaker out of the FT-857 and the other end goes into the mic or line in on the PC.

Don’t forget to set your input/output levels correctly (no ALC should be active on the transmitted audio) and turn on the VOX function in the menu (number 040) on the FT-857.


Marcelo has pointed me to a much better diagram of the FT857 data jack. Note that this is an image showing the port on the back of the radio. http://goo.gl/xmTgK

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