Temporary inverted V

I don’t have a permanent HF antenna set up at the moment and I wanted a weekend of operating so I threw together this Inverted V.

It’s 31′ high in the centre and 5′ high at the ends. Each leg is 47′ long and it is fed with 33′ of 300 Ohm twin feeder.

The mast is made from 3 separate sections. The bottom section is a 12′ x 2″ aluminium pole, the middle is a 8′ x 1.5″ pole and the top section is an 11′ telescopic fibreglass pole.  The lower set of lines are guy ropes. The whole assembly is held together with PVC builders tape and cable tied to a fence post.

The antenna is fed at the base with a SGC 211 ATU then run to the FT-857 with 30′ of RG213 coax. The SGC is not waterproof so I placed it under a plastic tub to give it a bit of protection.

It performed very well over the weekend with many contacts on 40M via PSK31. With only 10W of power, I managed a great QSO with UR4QX in Ukraine. That’s over 1650 Miles! Not bad for an antenna that took 30 minutes to build.

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