Shack Sign

I do a lot of portable operating which always brings a small problem when I am operating from home. I’m a bit forgetful and tend to forget the simple things like my home QTH WAB square or locator and get them confused with some of my favourite portable operating spots. So, I’ve decided that it’s time for a shack sign. I don’t want any of the garish edge lit, laser cut clear acrylic signs that are quite common, I just want something simple that has my call sign, locator and WAB square on it.

After taking a good look around the internet, I found Sign-O-Matic which has a great online design tool. Just the job for knocking up a shack sign. So without further ado, here is my new shack sign, well here is how it should look when it arrives…


I’ve included my Lat/Lon as I occasionally use it for other things so I though it would be handy to have it on display. I’ll post again once I have received the real thing and do a mini review on the quality.

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