1:1 BALUN for ladder line

I needed a 1:1 balun to use with my home brew doublet but I needed it to go between the ladder line and the SGC-230 tuner so it needs to have stud terminals on both the input and the output. I took a look around and decided that making one was the best option.

It’s made using 11 turns of figure 8 twin lead on two stacked FT240-43 cores. See the pictures below…

Parts ready to go.

Holes drilled.

Toroid wound.

Soldered in place.

Potted with casting resin.


Installed between the ATU and doublet.

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  1. Mat who supplies your balun project boxes,by the way I found a 4-1 balun Homebrew check it out very good ,M0PZT he’s got interesting site also has website hamradiogoodies.com torroid ect worth a look ,thanks Mat my project boxes suck ,cheers ,Dave

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