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  1. It’s a rotor for figth radio contest and the pylone hi
    73 s yann

  2. Yes, Its a Yaesu G-400RC rotator. It had an issue with the 500 Ohm pot inside. All cleaned up and working again now.

  3. Ahh. Memories. I have pulled one of these apart several time. I need to do it again but cannot find as replacement potentiometer. Any suggestions?

    Mike VK1OO

  4. Hi Mike.

    I’m just in the process of doing a total strip down and refurb on a KR-600RC. It’s a full rebuild including striping the original paint off (what’s left of it!) and a respray. Much fun! I’ll probably to the G-400RG in the pictures fully after the 600 now that I know it’s working.

    As far as I know, there are 2 ways to replace the potentiometer. You can go the original route and try to pick up a replacement from these guys – http://kur02.com.au/. They do 2 versions, one the same as the original and 1 that has end stops.

    The other, cheaper way to do it is to replace both pots (controller and rotator) with a 10 turn 5K pot (which will give 500 Ohms per full revolution). There is a good post explaining how to do that complete with part numbers here – http://www.radioclubs.net/trowbridgedarc/articles.php?articles_id=890

    Good luck!

  5. Hi Matt

    Thanks for the Trowbridge link which looks like a good way to go. When I originally stripped my rotor I got it powder coated and it held up well for last 12 years.

    Mike VK1OO

  6. You can fit the later pot from the G1000, which is easier to find, it’s a COSMOS RA25Y20S B501 500 ohm, but because has a shorter shaft you have the fit gear wheel upside down, ie locknut first, on the originals the locknut is fitted up, you also need to centre the pot correctly

  7. Recently finished complete re-build of my old KR400. First time I did this job so lots to learn. All back together now, ready to fit to the mast. My 500 ohm pot was not in bad condition, so I just added an extra wire, soldered to the wiper and out of the top hole to the centre contact. The wire rotates as the pot rotates, but is under low stress. I used a very flexible muticore stranded wire for this.
    There are a few 500 ohm continuous rotation pots on Mouser, but they are expensive.

  8. Hi i have just replaced pot in my g400 rotator the controller needle is still sticking in certain positions could this be beacause i have reassembled the rotator wrongly can someone guide me how to acrtually make sure rotator correctly put back together please.

  9. great info ,many thanks. can you tell me what motor is used on the KR-400 as i need to locate and purchase on many thanks ray

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