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  1. It’s a rotor for figth radio contest and the pylone hi
    73 s yann

  2. Yes, Its a Yaesu G-400RC rotator. It had an issue with the 500 Ohm pot inside. All cleaned up and working again now.

  3. Ahh. Memories. I have pulled one of these apart several time. I need to do it again but cannot find as replacement potentiometer. Any suggestions?

    Mike VK1OO

  4. Hi Mike.

    I’m just in the process of doing a total strip down and refurb on a KR-600RC. It’s a full rebuild including striping the original paint off (what’s left of it!) and a respray. Much fun! I’ll probably to the G-400RG in the pictures fully after the 600 now that I know it’s working.

    As far as I know, there are 2 ways to replace the potentiometer. You can go the original route and try to pick up a replacement from these guys – http://kur02.com.au/. They do 2 versions, one the same as the original and 1 that has end stops.

    The other, cheaper way to do it is to replace both pots (controller and rotator) with a 10 turn 5K pot (which will give 500 Ohms per full revolution). There is a good post explaining how to do that complete with part numbers here – http://www.radioclubs.net/trowbridgedarc/articles.php?articles_id=890

    Good luck!

  5. Hi Matt

    Thanks for the Trowbridge link which looks like a good way to go. When I originally stripped my rotor I got it powder coated and it held up well for last 12 years.

    Mike VK1OO

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