Simple stacked J-pole for 2M & 70cm

Following the death of my cheap fibreglass tri-band collinear, I decided to have a go at constructing a simple dual band antenna for use at home.

I was looking for something that was vertical, omnidirectional and with good gain that I could make quickly and easily. The answer came from Sean, M3FVB in the form of his excellent article on building a 8db collinear.

The instructions are easy to follow and after about a hour I ended up with an assembled antenna. I attached the wires to a 5M fibreglass “roach pole” and set about tuning the SWR. I soon had a 1.2:1 match on 2M and also a 1:1 match on 70cm. All very good.

Outside, I mounted the construction on a 12′ pole and fixed it at ground level at the side of the house.

Reports on 2M and 70cm have been excellent even with the top of the antenna only 2′ above the roof of the house. In fact, I like it so much that I’m going to have a go at building a more permanent  antenna that can go on the roof from an old “silver rod” style CB antenna that was donated to me.

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